Der Auftrag

Der Auftrag

A multilinear crime fiction.

You are an infamous hitman with an impossible task: You need to eliminate the crown witness of a heinous crime. The only problem: You don’t know anything about your witness.

While reading and making decisions, you gather either hint or equipment cards. Use hint cards to re-evaluate your decisions, use the equipment cards to unlock new possibilities.

Der Auftrag was written and illustrated in the module Multilinear Storytelling led by Dr. phil. Beat Suter. The book is 214 pages in length, has 3 main story lines, 71 decisions and exactly 200 different possibilities.

2018 @ ZHdK


Eileen RΓΌegg

Illustration, Editorial

Denise Hohl

Writing, Layout

Enya Gerber

Illustration, Editorial

Pierre Lippuner

Writing, Editorial