In grüner Emission

In grüner Emission (In green emission) is a satyre on modern fantasy and spy literature. The story is placed 400 million years in to the future and follows two protagonists: Robert, one of the last surviving humans and Baum, a sentient bio engineered tree. They work for the agency and try to rescue the world In grüner Emission


While talking about the idea of a plattform featuring all kinds of storytelling formats, entropie, the magazine for narrative media was born. Envisioned as a book-like magazine, the two released numbers showcase short stories, illustrations, photographies, comics, short movies, a radio moderation and radio plays. Goal of the project was to let different branches of Entropie

Der Auftrag

You are an infamous hitman with an impossible task: You need to eliminate the crown witness of a heinous crime. The only problem: You don’t know anything about your witness. While reading and making decisions, you gather either hint or equipment cards. Use hint cards to re-evaluate your decisions, use the equipment cards to unlock Der Auftrag

Tower of the One Before

This short movie was created entirely in Unity using Cinemachine and the Unity Timeline. Based on the art style of the stealth game Dishonored by Arkane, the level was modelled in modular pieces in Cinema 4D and put together in the engine. Textures were mostly done in Substance Painter.