Lost lands of Mainera

In Vendari you either take control of Tabinga, a child lost in the icy valleys of Mainera or you take the role of Oong, a creature left behind in an ancient city. Work together to overcome the riddles and mysteries in these long-lost lands. Only when you cooperate, they will be able to survive.

Vendari was created during the Multiplayer Module in the 5th semester at the Zurich University of the Arts. The Project was led by Denise Hohl and Eileen Rüegg. Supervising lecturers were René Bauer and Max Moswitzer. Due to the big group size, I could concentrate myself on shading and VFX like particle effects.

2019 @ ZHdK


Eileen Rüegg

Lead and Art Director

Denise Hohl

Lead and Technical Director

Enya Gerber

Assets, Animation

Fabian Hunziker

Audio/SFX, Music

Pierre Lippuner

VFX/Shader, Animation Integration