Become whoever you need to be.

In Gestalt you slip into the role of a master thief with the special ability to change your appearance. Thanks to this ability you are a sought-after individual for only the most important jobs. You get the mission to infiltrate the ministry of knowledge of the high magistrate to steal back a list of rebel sleeper agents.

The goal of the game is to gather information about your targets and shape-shift into them. To achieve this, the player can access a character creator at any time, can find clothing or uniforms and must read, listen and watch his surroundings for clues. You can be whoever you need to be.

But beware: If the player runs into the person he is imitating or he wrongfully changes his appearance there will be consequences.

This project was developed during the Adventure Game Module at the Zurich University of the Arts under supervision of Renรฉ Bauer, Max Moswitzer, Dr. phil. Beat Suter & Chris Polus. The game falls into the genre of character creation stealth puzzle game. Huge thanks to our voice cast: Rhea Seleger, Sikharin Meier, Alexandra Martin, Emma McMillin, Leander Schneeberger, Anna-Lena Pontet, Nino Coaz and Timothy Rankin.

2019 @ ZHdK


Eileen Rรผegg

Art direction, Animation, Sound Design

Pierre Lippuner

Concept, Game Design, Code, Story

Patric Vailati