Who fears the horned chameleon?

You’ve got 5 seconds to find a hiding spot and blend in thanks to the ability of changing colour. When the time is up, one of the players is chosen as the horned chameleon and tasked to chase down the other players. Who will survive? The catcher or those in hiding?

Colourflage was developed during a five-day long game jam at the FANTOCHE Animation Film Festival. The game jams theme was centred around body functions, which lead to the idea of a local multiplayer game of tag between chameleons. After some feedback and concerns regarding screen cheating, we tackled the challenge head on. This resulted in the screen turning black & white and blurry when a player is hidden.

2019 @ Fantoche Game Jam


Pierre Lippuner


Sophie Walker

Character Design & Animation

Vivian Christen

3D Assets, Audio/SFX

Emerson Suter

3D Assets, Level Design