Graphic Design


Bottel is a rosehip liquor from St.Gallen.


Wortspiel is creative game about performance and bullshiting your way to the top. Containing ideas, words and phrases from the 150 participants of the u20 Slam 22 festival.

Frantic Pandora’s Box

More Chaos: modify the rules of the game with the new Rule Cards, expand the game with the new colour purple, add more Troublemaker and Counterattack cards and make up your own effect for a new Event and a new Special Card.


Jetriko was created during 3 months and is inspired by the unofficial “stack-attacks”-rule of Uno. So a +2 combined with another +2 becomes +4, and so on!

u20 Slam St.Gallen

The u20 slam – a poetry slam event specifically designed for young people – is a yearly event and has been a part of the cultural scene of St.Gallen for almost 20 years.