Der rauchende Spiegel

A small side project created during half a year (every monday): a first person puzzle and exploration adventure.

Ultimate Godspeed

Ultimate Godspeed is a party racing game all about modifying the race track. Take on the role of a god: place unique items in the level and bring chaos to the race! The goal: creating the shortest path for yourself or the most pain for your

Character Creator

This technical prototype includes the following: Blender – Sculpting – Retopology – Blendshapes for different heads, noses, eyes, hair and eyebrows – Facial rigging – Normal baking (for 3 different ages) Unity – Shaders for hair, skin and eyes – Simple facial poses – Scripting for a randomizer All in all, there are around 3’500’000 Character Creator


In Vendari you either take control of Tabinga, a child lost in the icy valleys of Mainera or you take the role of Oong, a creature left behind in an ancient city. Work together to overcome the riddles and mysteries in these long-lost lands. Only when you cooperate, they will be able to survive.