Der rauchende Spiegel

A small side project created during half a year (every monday): a first person puzzle and exploration adventure.

Ultimate Godspeed

Ultimate Godspeed is a party racing game all about modifying the race track. Take on the role of a god: place unique items in the level and bring chaos to the race! The goal: creating the shortest path for yourself or the most pain for your

Fast! Food!

Fast Food is a level-modification Jump’n’Race. Up to 4 player race as fast vegetables on a track that is constantly being modified by everybody. To win you must place the most devious traps or just be the fastest food around!

Flocking Birds

A unity experiment using steering behaviours to simulate the behaviour of bird like objects (boids). All agents simultaneously try to get away from each other while also try to align themselves to their group neighbours and moving towards the group’s centre.

Character Creator

This technical prototype includes the following: Blender – Sculpting – Retopology – Blendshapes for different heads, noses, eyes, hair and eyebrows – Facial rigging – Normal baking (for 3 different ages) Unity – Shaders for hair, skin and eyes – Simple facial poses – Scripting for a randomizer All in all, there are around 3’500’000 Character Creator


You’ve got 5 seconds to find a hiding spot and blend in thanks to the ability of changing colour. When the time is up, one of the players is chosen as the horned chameleon and tasked to chase down the other players. Who will survive? The catcher or those in hiding?


In Vendari you either take control of Tabinga, a child lost in the icy valleys of Mainera or you take the role of Oong, a creature left behind in an ancient city. Work together to overcome the riddles and mysteries in these long-lost lands. Only when you cooperate, they will be able to survive.


Kamikaze is a simple top-down shooter in which the player takes control of a plane during an airborne dog fight. Goal of the minigame is to destroy all enemies using various pick-ups ranging from homing missiles and mines to a protective shield.


In Gestalt you slip into the role of a master thief with the special ability to change your appearance. Thanks to this ability you are a sought-after individual for only the most important jobs. You get the mission to infiltrate the ministry of knowledge of the high magistrate to steal back a list of rebel GESTALT


There once was a young knight. He was madly in love with a princess, but he knew that only a minnesang, the symbiosis of all four high arts, could convince her. Minnesang is a humorous single-player action-adventure-platformer, in which you must wander the corridors of the castle and fulfill the quests of the Masters of Minnesang