Ultimate Godspeed

Ultimate Godspeed is a party racing game all about modifying the race track. Take on the role of a god: place unique items in the level and bring chaos to the race! The goal: creating the shortest path for yourself or the most pain for your


Wortspiel is creative game about performance and bullshiting your way to the top. Containing ideas, words and phrases from the 150 participants of the u20 Slam 22 festival.

Frantic Pandora’s Box

More Chaos: modify the rules of the game with the new Rule Cards, expand the game with the new colour purple, add more Troublemaker and Counterattack cards and make up your own effect for a new Event and a new Special Card.


Jetriko was created during 3 months and is inspired by the unofficial “stack-attacks”-rule of Uno. So a +2 combined with another +2 becomes +4, and so on!

Fast! Food! Character and Kart Design

Concept Art drawn and painted in Adobe Photoshop for the bachelor’s project Fast! Food! All characters and karts are based on a food theme and were created with four different skins derived from different table ware or biological variety (regarding the vegetable characters). All assets were later modeled, skinned and animated in Blender 2.8 and Fast! Food! Character and Kart Design

Fast! Food!

Fast Food is a level-modification Jump’n’Race. Up to 4 player race as fast vegetables on a track that is constantly being modified by everybody. To win you must place the most devious traps or just be the fastest food around!


Get rid of your cards as fast as possible. But be aware: Your fellow players are desperately trying to prevent it! This game destroys friendships. And that’s ok.

Character Creator

This technical prototype includes the following: Blender – Sculpting – Retopology – Blendshapes for different heads, noses, eyes, hair and eyebrows – Facial rigging – Normal baking (for 3 different ages) Unity – Shaders for hair, skin and eyes – Simple facial poses – Scripting for a randomizer All in all, there are around 3’500’000 Character Creator


In Pillari two players fight as either the white or the black army for dominion over the board. Goal of the player is to either slay two generals of the enemy or decimate the enemy army down to four units. If one of these goals is met, the player wins the game automatically.


You’ve got 5 seconds to find a hiding spot and blend in thanks to the ability of changing colour. When the time is up, one of the players is chosen as the horned chameleon and tasked to chase down the other players. Who will survive? The catcher or those in hiding?