Card Game

Frantic Pandora’s Box

More Chaos: modify the rules of the game with the new Rule Cards, expand the game with the new colour purple, add more Troublemaker and Counterattack cards and make up your own effect for a new Event and a new Special Card.


Jetriko was created during 3 months and is inspired by the unofficial “stack-attacks”-rule of Uno. So a +2 combined with another +2 becomes +4, and so on!

Frantic Troublemaker

More cards. More trouble! The Troublemaker add-on expands the card game Frantic with 22 special cards and 14 event cards.

Frantic Supercharge

More breathless moments and frantic reactions! Charge your hand cards with extra effects using the new power cards. Block a colour, prevent a counterattack, or ask for black! It’s still Frantic. But supercharged!

Darwin’s Dice

Only those who can adapt to the environmental changes have the chance to climb to the top of the food chain. It’s all about survival of the fittest in Darwin’s Dice; the game with natural selection! Adjust to the dice of Darwin and overtake the other players on the way to the top. But watch Darwin’s Dice


Get rid of your cards as fast as possible. But be aware: Your fellow players are desperately trying to prevent it! This game destroys friendships. And that’s ok.