Der rauchende Spiegel

A small side project created during half a year (every monday): a first person puzzle and exploration adventure.

Ultimate Godspeed

Ultimate Godspeed is a party racing game all about modifying the race track. Take on the role of a god: place unique items in the level and bring chaos to the race! The goal: creating the shortest path for yourself or the most pain for your

Fast! Food!

Fast Food is a level-modification Jump’n’Race. Up to 4 player race as fast vegetables on a track that is constantly being modified by everybody. To win you must place the most devious traps or just be the fastest food around!

Tower of the One Before

This short movie was created entirely in Unity using Cinemachine and the Unity Timeline. Based on the art style of the stealth game Dishonored by Arkane, the level was modelled in modular pieces in Cinema 4D and put together in the engine. Textures were mostly done in Substance Painter.