Fast! Food! Character and Kart Design

Concept Art drawn and painted in Adobe Photoshop for the bachelor’s project Fast! Food! All characters and karts are based on a food theme and were created with four different skins derived from different table ware or biological variety (regarding the vegetable characters). All assets were later modeled, skinned and animated in Blender 2.8 and Fast! Food! Character and Kart Design


There once was a young knight. He was madly in love with a princess, but he knew that only a minnesang, the symbiosis of all four high arts, could convince her. Minnesang is a humorous single-player action-adventure-platformer, in which you must wander the corridors of the castle and fulfill the quests of the Masters of Minnesang


GEAR Battle Arena is a local, top-down multiplayer disc shooter. Youβ€˜re one of two to four players, each equipped with a deadly, but bouncy gear-disc. It’s like billiard, but this time it’s personal!